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This Is My Life

Deal With It

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22 February
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I was born in the frozen wastelands of Rome, NY. This smog-choked world of ice was a difficult one for a young boy growing up into manhood. Adopted into a large family of savage warriors I learned their ways and not only found how to survive, but how to thrive.

Now I'm a father trying to teach his daughter to live in this big crazy world with him, her mom, and the roughly 6 billion other folks.
acting, adventure, archery, badminton, becoming famous, being me, being president, beliefs, biking, board games, boffer weapons, bowling, building, card tricks, cards, cartoons, chaos, coloring, computer games, computers, contact juggling, cooking, creating, creativity, d&d, dagorhir, discussions, discworld, disney, dogs, dragons, drawing, dreams, dungeons and dragons, eddie izzard, ehow, electronics, experimental music, fae, fantasy, fencing, firelight, food, free things, friends, games, growing things, having a geek wife, hope, horror, human interaction, improv, intelligence, irony, juggling, karaoke, karate, kung fu, larping, latex weapons, learning, leatherworking, legends, lightning, listening, magic, make-believe, mickey mouse, mind reading, money, movies, music, musicals, nature, neil gaiman, numbers, old friends, ookla the mok, parallel realities, paying attention, photos, pictures, ping pong, plants, plays, plot, poetry, polyphasic sleep, pool, power, pretending, project wonderful, psychics, raymond e feist, reading, reality, relaxing, robin hobb, rogues, roleplay, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpgs, science fiction, short stories, sidhe, singing, sleeping, sleight of hand, sparring, speaking, subconscious thought, superheroes, sushi, sword fighting, swords, talking, teaching, technology, telekinesis, terry brooks, terry goodkind, terry pratchett, the paranormal, the supernatural, thunder storms, travel, ufos, understanding, useless talents, vacationing, vampires, video games, videos, weapon making, weapons, web comics, weird things, winning, writing, zombie survival, zombie training camp, zombies

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