Jeremiah (jfargo) wrote,

My Super Power

  Let's start with my big walk, the trip from Seattle, WA down into CA, back up into OR where I eventually settled down for a while and got a decent job to help me get a bit more on my feet while living in a tent. As anyone who knows this story knows: I was supposed to die on that trip. It was a passive suicide but I was supposed to die. Exposure, trees, dehydration, etc. Something among the many risks along the way were supposed to end with me dying. I'm glad it didn't but it was supposed to because that was the entire point.

  Working in OR, I had saved up a little and trained a little extra so I was ready to leave in about a month start my walk again, this time not to die but to actually have an amazing adventure.  I ended up meeting an amazing woman and moved from OR to VA to be with her. I had an instant family as Lois was born shortly thereafter and I loved her just as much as a human can love another person. It was me and my two ladies; life is good.

  Putting that together, I went for a walk where I was supposed to die and instead I ended up with a family full of love.

  More than that, a few months later I went to the hospital with horrible abdominal pain. It turns out my appendix had been going slowly bad for a very long time and was ready to explode. If I had not met <lj user="laurapatrick"> when I did then most likely (looking at my planned route/time frame) my appendix would have burst somewhere in the mountains of California. I'd have died.

  And recently we moved to Illinois. Illinois is a great state and I think we're going to love it here once we have some time to check it out. I mean, we've had about 5 months except for the 2 months where I couldn't drive because of my headaches/dizziness/confusion and then the last month I spent in the hospital with brain surgery. That all sounds really bad, doesn't it? It does.

  Last night I realized something, however: This happened during a time when family and friends could come from wherever they were (VA, OR, MI, to name a few) and help Laura while I sat in the hospital unable to help in any way. It happened in a time when we could have someone here to watch the little one every single day for a month so that Laura could go to work. It happened during a time that Laura had no travel commitments for work she couldn't change without ease. One week beforehand or one week later would have caused problems and would have meant that Laura had to take at least a week off from work, which (as a new employee) she really doesn't want to do (but she would, of course, if needed).

  It may also be important to mention that even though there have been complications I can tell this brain surgery has helped a lot.

  The fact of the matter is, though bad things happen to me, I am one lucky sunuvabitch. I'm going so far as to say that, yes, Luck is my superpower. You can't rely on it because when you do that is when Luck fails, but it seems like it's always been there for me when I've truly needed it.

  I'm a lucky guy. Really.

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